11th CineBH



The CineBH – Belo Horizonte International Film Festival starts its 11th edition on August 22 through 27, 2017, bigger and more aware of its role — a space for the formation, exchange, debut and discussion of the most significant film productions of today. During the six day programme, free to the public, the 11th CineBH will take over nine spaces in the capital of Minas Gerais – Fundação Clóvis Salgado, Cine Teatro Brasil Vallourec, MIS Cine Santa Tereza, Praça Duque de Caxias, Cine 104, Sesc Palladium, Teatro Sesiminas, Sesi Museu de Artes e Ofícios, Praça da Estação – and offers a selection of domestic and international films, previews, retrospectives, and theme exhibitions. It sponsors debates, panels and business
meetings. Invests in the formation and professionalization of filmmakers by offering workshops and masterclasses; produces the “Cine-Expression - School gotes to the movies”, an initiative that benefits students and educators of the public school system and promotes the “Little Cinema Exhibition” dedicated towards the children and adolescents.

In this edition, the theme “Cinema of Urgency”, proposed by our curator team, which is comprised by the film critics Francis Vogner dos Reis, Marcelo Miranda and Pedro Butcher, introduces important hypothesis through films, debates, panels and meetings, hoping to consider and share with the public the disquiet and the images of a historical time still in transformation at a time the speed of events often runs over the acknowledgment of facts. Films that are representative of the relation between urgency and contemplation from different periods of time will be exhibited as part of the event’s programme.

On the screen, 101 films in previews and retrospectives (41 features, 1 medium-length and 59 short films) divided in 60 movie showings, originated from 6 Brazilian states (MG, GO, RJ, SP, RS, PR) and 16 countries (Brazil, France, United Kingdom, United States, Portugal, Senegal, Germany, Japan, China, Russia, Austria, Lebanon, Syria, Inited Arab States, Qatar and Thailand) showcasing the diversity in the world’s cinematographic production.

The 11th CineBH International Film Festival opens its programme with a preview of the feature “Electric Body”, a film from São Paulo, directed by filmmaker Marcelo Caetano (a project that was still in the script development stage when it was selected, in 2012, to the 3rd edition of Brasil CineMundi) and the tribute payed to the French critic, actor and filmmaker, Pierre Léon, by awarding him with the trophy Troféu Horizonte.

For the first time in Brazil, Pierre Léon, one of the most celebrated names of the independent cinema, receives a retrospective exhibition of his body of work, showing 14 films (features, medium-length and short films) — a well-deserved and urgent rescue of all his work. He will also offer a masterclass. The event will sponsor the Meeting with Pierre Léon, where the filmmaker will talk to the public about his work and experiences in filmmaking and of art in general, and he will also show for the sessions of the Exhibition Historical Dialogues.

Léon chose a set of three movies from different times and with different aesthetics that directly speak to his multifarious creative facet: Ernst Lubitsch’s “Clunny Brown” (1946), a romantic-comedy from on the biggest directors in film history; Jack Hazan’s “A Bigger Splash” (1974), a biographic film on the painter David Hockney; and Marguerite Duras’s “Le Camion” (1977), a literary-aesthetic experiment featuring Gerard Depardieu. He will present and discuss a selection of films that have influenced or captivated him.

In the Contemporary Exhibition, Brazilian and foreign movies share the attention of the public interested in getting to know the recent and instigating landscape of the world cinema. With the Historical Dialogues Exhibition, we attempt not to loose sight of the historic perspective and, in this edition, three films that embody the established film culture will be show in sessions commented by the guest and honored critic of this edition, the French Pierre Léon. One of the most respected names in cinematic studies world wide.

In its second year, The City in Movement Exhibition opens space for the dialogue, meeting, the exhibition of movies that express the artistic and social manifestations of issues relevant for the city of Belo Horizonte. The public will have the opportunity to be in contact with those who move the city through 25 films and ads what are the relations established between the places, people and communities. The public will also be able to participate in panels that that propose a reflection of the actors, movements and images that correspond and communicate with this multiple and varied front.

Debuting this edition is the partnership between the 11th CineBH and MAX - Minas Gerais Audiovisual Expo - promoted by Codemig | Government of Minas Gerais, Sesi Fiemg and Sebrae, making possible that part of the programme takes place at Praça da Estação, located in downtown Belo Horizonte, transforming this postcard setting into a set of the seventh art. The Classics in the Park Exhibition puts togethers films produced in Minas Gerais that feature the ingeniousness and importance of the development of a film language of the state, and the production of popular movies that will become part of the memory of several generations of viewers, and converse with the idea of living, circulating and interacting with
the city (including the rural life as a counterpoint).

The selection of short films, signed by curator Pedro Maciel Guimarães, shows 21 films from seven states (Minas Gerais, Goiás, Paraná, Rio de Janeiro, Espírito Santo, São Paulo and Rio Grande do Sul), which will be divided into three themed showings: “Contemporary”, “Brazilians Abroad”, and “Retrospective Film Gestures”. They create the possibility for discoveries and apprehension of works that express the diversity of the Brazilian production.

As the film schedule goes on, the Brasil CineMundi – International Co-production Meeting will take place at the same time, established as a film market event that connects the Brazilian independent production with the film industry. In its 8th edition, this program is a reference, a place for network, and business platform for the Brazilian cinema to be in touch with the world. It performs the role of developing, enabling, and establishing the paths toward coproductions in the Brazilian film scene.

This edition will receive the 25 international guests representing the film industry from 13 countries - Germany, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, United States, France, Italy, Netherland, Norway, Switzerland, Uruguay - that will land in the capital of Minas Gerais to participate in several activities promoted by the event — seminars, debates, market panels, meeting schedules, and in cooperation, and exchange enterprises, as well as handing awards - and get in touch with new Brazilian projects in their development and pre-production stages.

Also a part of the programme is the Seminar Brasil CineMundi, that brings together 37 national and international guests for debates, workshops, panels, coproduction meetings, market debates, hoping to encourage the exchange of knowledge, the reflection of the challenges faced by the film sector in the global market, share the experiences in international co-productions, the strategies of market insertion, distribution and content circulation, and amplify the opportunities for international partnerships, exchange, conversations and cooperation.

We thank the sponsors, partners and supporters, who have offered their efforts to make this achievement possible; the film professionals for the genius they imprint in their works; and our staff, curators and collaborators for their dedication and efficiency.

In this land of mines, two important projects — the 11th CineBH International Film Festival and the 8th Brasil CineMundi – are featured, and they highlight a sublime time for ideas, meetings, criticism and discussions. Initiatives that have a positive effect in the acceleration of the international dialogue and coproduction.


Directors of Universo Produção and Coordinators of the CineBH International Film Festival and Brasil CineMundi