8th Brasil CineMundi


 In its eighth edition, it is with pleasure that we can say that Brazil CineMundi continues to focus on new ideas and initiatives, calling on producers, motivating new meetings, and connecting creators from several areas of the country.

The proposals that came to us, this year, have also changed, in terms of quality as well as in language resources. This change in the pattern of the projects submitted made the evaluation process longer, demanding more from the staff, increasing the debate and, at the same time, increasing our curiosity.

The discussions raised from the work’s selection process made clear that the thematic range and the aesthetics proposals presented represent a step forward when it comes to consistency and elaboration of the projects. This years, the details became more relevant, and the decisions demanded more from us, more criteria and profound assessment of content.

The biggest differential, the strong point of Brazil CineMundi, continue to be the projects for first or second film, mainly in the CineMundi and Doc Brazil Meeting categories, a trend that seems to consolidate with each year. Another important aspect, featured in this new edition, is the increase in the female presence in all categories, but mainly in directing, where we started to observe a balance in female and male directors.The line of themes of the projects selected for 2017 couldn't be more diverse. The stories take us from a working-class neighborhood of a Brazilian metropolis, where a young woman tries to understand what it means to be a woman in that place, to personal stories that revolve around the pre-dictatorship period and the following years. Family dynamics and their relationships are present in many projects, approached poetically, or by opening the scars of internal conflicts, their pressures and consequences.

 The Foco Minas category, launched last year, has, as one of its main goals, the attempt of offering a space for networking and meetings, drawing attention to the cinematographic production of Minas Gerais, whose selected projects are mostly for first fiction or documentary features. Some of these projects are in pre-production, and to be in contact with professionals with experience in the international market can, at this stage, be a significant asset for the future international career of these films.

 Encouraging and expanding the network with the international market, the 8th edition of Brazil CineMundi brings to Belo Horizonte several guests with a considerable international track that go from European and Latin-American producers with experience in coproduction, passing through International Sales, which in the last years has distributed and represented Brazilian films in the major international film festivals, to the representatives of the coproduction market and project development laboratories recognized world wide.

In the Doc Brazil Meeting category, of this edition, we'll have the presence of a delegation of Chilean producersand representatives from ChileDoc, an agency responsible for the dissemination of the Chilean documentary, in both national and international levels. In an unprecedented accomplishment in Brazil CineMundi's history, these Chilean producers will bring their own projects, looking for partnership with Brazilian producers and with the other participants of the event. This cooperation is another step towards strengthening the distribution of Brazilian documentaries, of being in contact with other professionals and being aware of the possibilities of coproductions, distribution and funding of projects with our neighboring countries, in this case, Chile.

Doc Brazil Meeting's guest list closes with the presence of representatives from the Tribeca Film Institute, Amsterdam's IDFA Festival, curators from international documentary festivals, of which, besides participating in the one-to-one meetings with the selected documentary projects, will also offer individual consultation on these projects.

As part of the programme, the panels will take on themes that hope to encourage the participation of the national and international guests, through discussions, exchange of ideas, and experiences on subjects related to project development, production and coproduction. In addition to funding through international funds, distribution strategies and participation in international festivals.

Over the last years, we have intensified the synergetic work between the CineBH International Film Festival curatorship and Brazil CineMundi’s programme, hoping to focus our attention on filmmakers who have a differentiated cinematography, with uncompromised aesthetic proposals. They are usually little known filmmakers among the Brazilian audience. In this edition, the critic, actor and filmmaker Pierre Léon was chosen as our honorary artist. He will receive the Troféu Horizonte and, for the first time in Brazil, he will personally present his own films and cinematographic ideas in a masterclass and debates open to the public.

Brazil Cinemundi, through consolidated partnerships with state and private sectors, has offered the participating projects several awards, that consist in providing cinematographic services, equipment loans and helping with translation and post-production, among others. The international partnerships have a multiplier effect, and make possible the presence of award-winning projects of other international coproduction meetings and project development. Among these partnerships, Torino Film Lab in Italy, Ventana Sur in Argentina, DocMontevideo in Uruguay, and DocSP, in São Paulo, are featured. With these activities, the network with representatives of the international film market is expanded and make possible the alliance of coproduction with international associations.

The 8th edition of Brazil CineMundi presents itself as an event established and connected with other festivals, events and professionals recognized internationally. We're aware that the work developed by Brazil CineMundi is an important platform in the sense that it can connect the Brazilian film industry with the international market. Some professionals return to Belo Horizonte to give continuity to this search for new talents, instigating and differentiated projects, and to strengthen the professional bonds with the Brazilian producers and filmmakers.

 We hope the meetings will have a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, but focused on the possibility of building successful partnerships, that will result in coproductions or cooperations on short-term or in the possibility of future projects.


Gudula Meinzolt |Switzerland
Paulo de Carvalho|Germany
Pedro Butcher|Brazil
Séverine Roinssard|France
Collaborators of Brasil CineMundi

Raquel Hallak
Quintino Vargas
Fernanda Hallak
Cecília Gabrielan
Universo Produção - Coordinators of Brasil CineMundi