The world is going through great social changes, anchored by the access to new technologies, changing the way we communicate and express through audiovisual platforms, instruments that form an informed population and influence their behavior. Today the audiovisual platform includes cinema, video, television, Internet, video games, video art
and the different uses of photography and new media. It’s a part of the programme of the annual editions of CineBH International Film Festival, the Cine-Expression - School goes to the movies - a programme that brings together cinema and education, offering a free programme, customized to attend educators and students.

The challenge for all present-day educators is to make the classroom as exciting as the world outside school, with its countless visual stimulations. The task of all of those who
care in increasing the quality of the education of our students is to unite teaching techniques with modern learning tools.

To understand the cinema as a window into the world’s social interactions, as a multidisciplinary tool in the classroom and a supplement to the educational program are the directives of
Cine-Expression - School Goes to the Movies, which encourages the use of cinema as an educational process, promotes introductions and debates of the Brazilian film productions to the student audience coming from different communities and age.

For students from 5 to 8, four short films will be exhibited: “Lipe, Grandpa and the Monster”, an animation by Felippe Steffens and Carlos Mateus; Bernardo Teixeira’s “Golden”; George Munari Damiani’s animation “Where is my food?”; Simon Brethé and Ricardo Poeira’s “The First Flute”, and Gustavo Teixeira’s fiction, “Monster Doctor”.

The students from 8 to 13 years will be able to watch the short films “The Scarecrow Girl” and “Marina’s Ocean”, both from the director Cássio Pereira dos Santos; “Way of Giants”, the animation by Alois de Leo; and Roberto Burd’s fiction, “Life Should be that Way”.

Those over 14 will watch the documentary “Last Conversations”, the final work of one of the greatest Brazilian filmmakers, Eduardo Coutinho.

In addition to film screenings, the Cine-Expression promotes the critical and creative discussion of relevant educational issues, using cinematographic language and content appropriate for the different school levels, it also offers a training program to develop and apply the technique and collective reading of art films, through workshops aimed towards educators. It also contributes to social integration, bringing the school world closer to cultural events, strengthening ties and establishing a commitment with the communities, besides spreading and enhancing knowledge.